Set up Instances

Before your templates will appear on your site frontend, you’ll have to configure where they appear in the Elementor Theme Builder.

First, find the template on the “My Templates” admin page and click “Edit with Elementor”

Launching Elementor on a Template
Elementor launched

Launch the Display Conditions panel by clicking on the little arrow to the right of the “Update” button and then clicking the “Display Conditions” item.

The Display Conditions panel, finally!

Now you can add conditions to tell Elementor where to display the template. Depending on whether you’re working on an Archive, Singular Course or Singular Lesson template, your selection here will be a bit different.

This selection will apply our Lesson template to all the lessons on the site.

Most of the time you’ll want to apply your template to every instance of a content type, but you can also select specific pieces of content to apply to template to.

15 minutes
A team member created these templates with help from Tangible's Lifter Elements plugin.

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